About us


Ay Marka Mağazacılık A.Ş launched NetWork in the ready-to-wear market segment in 1999 as a dynamic and creative brand that embraces the multiculturalism of the 21st century.

Inherently loyal to a no-nonsense spirit with class and style, the name NetWork represents our times by embracing the value of building authentic, strong, close bonds and the age of technology we’re in.

This approach also guides the entire process of bringing a ready-to-wear collection to life, from idea to design, production and presentation.

In Spring/Summer 2012, NetWork added new series to its flawless and timeless designs, increasing the depth and diversity of its collection. In addition, the NetWork Limited line features limited edition items designed to be exclusive and make the wearer feel unique while adding value to style. NetWork Leisurewear offers a break from the fast pace of modern life by combining the serenity of the weekend and timeless NetWork designs.

NetWork Ceremony adds the sparkle of nightlife to timeless cuts, delivering an impressive silhouette inspired by and made for elegant occasions and special nights. Through N- Tech series, NetWork combines innovation with style and design. With its commitment to delivering "timeless fashion", NetWork is proud to be synonymous with originality and quality in Türkiye.

Spring / Summer 2024

In the Spring/Summer collection, designs inspired by the energy of colors greet us with their bravest attitude. Seasonal color trends are combined with elegant and eye-catching pieces. Leap into the world where the combination of colors has miraculous results..